Quilt collaboration with Ann Smith (video stills from Move Outs)

37" x 38", hemp linen and cotton duck


Film Screening: Move Outs, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Switzerland, Oct 2021

Group Exhibition: Under Pressure, CO-OPt Research + Projects, Lubbock TX

Photo Essay Feature: No Fixed Borders Florida, then there was us. (U.K.)

Short Films: The Ends of The Earth, Carved Out and Hanging Down / 2019-2021 / MiniDV / B&W / Silent

                        El Rito / 2020-2021 / MiniDV / B&W / Silent

                        Potemkin Piece (collaboration with ~100 participants via postal service) / 2020-2021 / 35mm to 4k / Color / Silent

                        Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora (OST by Jeremy Kennedy) / 2021 / Video & Super 8 to HD / B&W and Color / Sound

                        UNDER·GROUND (score by Abigail Smith, Megan Mirro & Rhody) / 2021 / MiniDV / B&W / Sound

5" Records: 'One-Track Trumpet' b/w  'Folk Melody for Violin' (edition of 20 copies, PHYSICAL)

                        Transmissions from the Track: poetry & field recordings (edition of 20 copies, PHYSICAL)

                        Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora OST w/ Blu-Ray disc of film (edition of 20 copies, PHYSICAL)

Photobooks: Faces of Advertising (coil bound artist's book, edition of 50 copies, Physical Books & Media)

                     Salad Days and Salad Nights, Photographs by Jeremy Hogan edited by Rhody (edition of 200, Physical Books)

                     Flea Market Finds (perfect bound photobook, edition of 100 copies, Physical Books & Media)

Poetry Book: A Horse With A Name (re-worked second pressing), Rebel Hands Press

Zine: Slo-Mo #8 (the california years, pt. one), edition of 50 copies, self-published



Short Films: Media Mail I & II (long distance collaborations with Josh Vidal) / 2020 & 2021 / 8mm to 2K / Color / Silent

Film Screening: Move Outs, Millennium Film Workshop Channel, July 30th 2021

Film Screening: Move Outs, Pugnant Film Series, Athens Greece, July 23rd 2021

Poetry Publication: Peace On Earth Review #01

Curatorial: Perfect Memory, NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA (online exhibit)

Group Exhibition: Immersion Site, Carrie Able Gallery, Brooklyn NY (May 3rd - May 16th, 2021)

Film Screening: Move Outs (24 hr long looped broadcast), online at No Name Cinema, April 16th Midnite-to-Midnite

VHS tape: Move Outs (edition of 50 copies w/ archival pigment print, Physical Books & Media)

Print Edition: LATITUDE 'InPrint 2021' fundraiser, Chicago/Online

7" Record: Dick Lickerer "s/t" (one-sided white lathe record, edition of 20 copies w/ poster & DL code, Physical Books & Media)

VHS tape: Hepatits (B) Youth: day tour (edition of 50 copies, Physical Books & Media)

Double Cassette & Poster: As Serious As Your Life: American Jazz 1949-1984

Curatorial: No Name Cinema (film streaming series), Jan 2021 - present

Cassette Compilation: One-Track Mind Vol: 6, "Folk Melody for Violin", greentape records

Artist Talk: NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA, Jan 28th 2021

Film Screening (San Francisco CA): Zora at ATA Gallery, Jan 7th 2021

Group Exhibition (Santa Fe NM): Re-Centering: Social Structures, SFAI (Dec 2020 - Feb 2021)

Film Screening (Bolzano Italy): cicatrix dreaming, Analogica Film Festival, December 3-6 2020

VHS tape: easy to learn hard to forget & Zora (edition of 20 copies, Physical Books & Media)

Postcard Set: Only Chance Is Fair (edition of 50 copies, Physical Books & Media)

Film Screening (San Fransisco): easy to learn hard to forget, ATA Gallery, Nov 5th 2020

Balam Magazine (Argentina): Issue #6 (featuring work from The Western Lands series)

Online Feature: Vernacular Visions online slideshow at The Casserole Series

Video: Zora (collaboration with David Graves & Jorge Bachmann, 2020 / 4 min 38 sec / MiniDV / Color / Stereo)

Video: easy to learn hard to forget (2016-2020 / 14 mins 53 secs / Digital / Color / Mono)

Cassette/Digital: Indochina Soundscraps (field recordings by Abigail Smith, mixing & editing by Rhody)

Video: Tamara (collaboration with David Graves & Bryan Day, 2020 / 3 min 20 sec / Digital / Color / Stereo)

7" Record: "the last two songs i wrote" (1-sided transparent lathe cut, edition of 10 copies + 2 AP)

Residency/Grant: Vital Spaces, Santa Fe NM

Sponsorship: Kodak Film sponsorship to complete work on the No Fixed Borders Florida project

Sound Archives Online: (D)(B)(H) (free-improv ensemble 2005-2013, feat. 15 releases for download)

                                       Friends & Relatives Records (underground label 1999-2016, feat. 81 releases for download)

                                               Dysmal Abyss (trash-doom trio formed by neighborhood flyers, belfast maine 2008-9)

                                               Smut (two-piece hardcore band, 1998-2011)

                                       Solo recordings (2003-2009)