Quilt collaboration with Ann Smith (video stills from Move Outs)

37" x 38", hemp linen and cotton duck


Film Festival: Move Outs, Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Lausanne Switzerland, Oct 20-24

Group Exhibition: Under Pressure III, CO-OPt Research + Projects, Lubbock TX, Sept 10 - Nov 13

Film Screening: easy to learn hard to forget, Film Diary Festival 2021, NYC, Nov. 4-11

Live Performance: 3 silent films w/ live accompaniment by Andrew Weathers & Seth Warren-Crow, Lubbock TX, Nov 13

Film Festival: Media Mail I, Light Matter Film Festival, Alfred NY, Nov 12-14

Photo Essay: No Fixed Borders Florida, then there was us. (U.K.)

Films: El Rito (score by Adam Keith) 2020-2021 / 8 mins / MiniDV / B&W / Sound

            Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora (score by Jeremy Kennedy) / 2021 / 6 mins / MiniDV & Super 8 to HD / B&W and Color / Sound

            Potemkin Piece (collaboration with ~100 participants via postal service) / 2020-2021 / 35mm to 4k / Color / Silent

            UNDER·GROUND (score by Abigail Smith, Megan Mirro & Rhody) / 2021 / MiniDV / B&W / Sound

Poetry Book: A Horse With A Name (re-worked second pressing), Rebel Hands Press

VHS tape: The Ends of The Earth, Carved Out and Hanging Down + Closed Off Opening (edition of 30 copies, Physical Media)

Records: One-track Trumpet b/w  Folk Melody for Violin, 5" lathe-cut record w/ photo print (edition of 20 copies, Physical Media)

                   Transmissions from the Track: poetry & field recordings, 7" lathe-cut record (edition of 20 copies, Physical Media)

                   Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora - Soundtrack, 5" lathe-cut record w/ blu-ray of film (edition of 20 copies, Physical Media)

Photobooks: Faces of Advertising (edition of 50 copies, Physical Media)

                     Salad Days and Salad Nights, Photographs by Jeremy Hogan edited by Rhody (edition of 200, Physical Media)

                     Flea Market Finds, edition of 100 copies, Physical Media)

Zine: Slo-Mo #8 (the california years, pt. one), edition of 50 copies, self-published



Film Screening: Move Outs, Millennium Film Journal presents: The Spectral Cinema, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn NY, Oct 17

Curatorial: No Name Cinema: Cops / act da fool / Over The Edge, Santa Fe NM, Oct 16

Film Screening: Media Mail I, Taos Center for the Arts drive-in theater, Taos NM, Oct 9

Short Film: The Ends of The Earth, Carved Out and Hanging Down / 2019-2021 / 17 mins / MiniDV / B&W / Silent

Short Film(s): Media Mail I & II (long distance handpainted collaborations with Josh Vidal) / 2020 & 2021 / 8mm to 2K / Color / Silent

Film Screening: Move Outs, Millennium Film Workshop Channel, July 30th 2021

Film Screening: Move Outs, Pugnant Film Series, Athens Greece, July 23rd 2021

Poetry Publication: Peace On Earth Review #01

Curatorial: Perfect Memory, NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA (online exhibit)

Group Exhibition: Immersion Site, Carrie Able Gallery, Brooklyn NY (May 3rd - May 16th, 2021)

Film Screening: Move Outs (24 hr long looped broadcast), online at No Name Cinema, April 16th Midnite-to-Midnite

VHS tape: Move Outs (edition of 50 copies w/ archival pigment print, Physical Media)

Print Edition: LATITUDE 'InPrint 2021' fundraiser, Chicago/Online

7" Record: Dick Lickerer "s/t" (one-sided white lathe record, edition of 20 copies w/ poster & DL code, Physical Media)

VHS tape: Hepatits (B) Youth: day tour (edition of 50 copies, Physical Media)

Double Cassette & Poster: As Serious As Your Life: American Jazz 1949-1984

Curatorial: No Name Cinema (film streaming series), Jan 2021 - present

Cassette Compilation: One-Track Mind Vol: 6, "Folk Melody for Violin", greentape records

Artist Talk: NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA, Jan 28th 2021

Film Screening (San Francisco CA): Zora at ATA Gallery, Jan 7th 2021

Group Exhibition (Santa Fe NM): Re-Centering: Social Structures, SFAI (Dec 2020 - Feb 2021)

Film Screening (Bolzano Italy): cicatrix dreaming, Analogica Film Festival, December 3-6 2020

VHS tape: easy to learn hard to forget & Zora (edition of 20 copies, Physical Media)

Postcard Set: Only Chance Is Fair (edition of 50 copies, Physical Media)

Film Screening (San Fransisco): easy to learn hard to forget, ATA Gallery, Nov 5th 2020

Balam Magazine (Argentina): Issue #6 (featuring work from The Western Lands series)

Online Feature: Vernacular Visions online slideshow at The Casserole Series

Video: Zora (collaboration with David Graves & Jorge Bachmann, 2020 / 4 min 38 sec / MiniDV / Color / Stereo)

Video: easy to learn hard to forget (2016-2020 / 14 mins 53 secs / Digital / Color / Mono)

Cassette/Digital: Indochina Soundscraps (field recordings by Abigail Smith, mixing & editing by Rhody)

Video: Tamara (collaboration with David Graves & Bryan Day, 2020 / 3 min 20 sec / Digital / Color / Stereo)

7" Record: "the last two songs i wrote" (1-sided transparent lathe cut, edition of 10 copies + 2 AP)

Residency/Grant: Vital Spaces, Santa Fe NM

Sponsorship: Kodak Film sponsorship to complete work on the No Fixed Borders Florida project

Sound Archives Online: (D)(B)(H) (free-improv ensemble 2005-2013, feat. 15 releases for download)

                                       Friends & Relatives Records (underground label 1999-2016, feat. 81 releases for download)

                                               Dysmal Abyss (trash-doom trio formed by neighborhood flyers, belfast maine 2008-9)

                                               Smut (two-piece hardcore band, 1998-2011)

                                       Solo recordings (2003-2009)