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VERNACULAR VISIONS was a public slideshow series of found 35mm photo slides, curated and presented by Justin Rhody 2013-2018. Each distinctive program is accompanied by a unique audio mix of related (and unrelated) sounds & musics. Every other program, half of the night’s program is dedicated to presenting the work of a guest photographer or filmmaker (who either incorporates found imagery into their work or is self-taught). This series is an exploration and celebration of the medium and its subjects, spoken and coded in the visual dialect of the amateur practitioner. Free to attend & open to the public, the show is presented in a relaxed tone which offers the opportunity for meditative contemplation, as well as casual and comfortable social interaction.

NEW: Audio archive of VV mixtape soundtracks available for download.

(click image for link)

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Examples of found 35mm photo slides used in previous screenings:

Flyers for previous screenings:

Ephemera from the past:

collected flyers 2013-2016

Edition of 150 copies, hand numbered
Published by Degenerate Ephemera

Offset printed, Cardstock cover

Essay by Sam Lefebvre

68 pages, 7.75"x10.5"


100% cotton t-shirt


Black Pearl ink

Sizes S / M / L / XL



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