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Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora


A straddling of the dynamics that link and distort sound and image. Beginning with a soundtrack that Rhody composed from recordings by long-time collaborator, Jeremy Kennedy, the structure and visual anatomy of the film was then constructed around its sonic form. The interplay, independence and connection between the two components intuitively create an indefinite non-linear narrative, resulting in Bruised Fruit & Underfed Flora.


2022 / 6 min 15 sec / b&w / sound / 16mm, Super-8mm & miniDV to 4K


7" record & Blu-ray available HERE

in dreams only


A handmade 16mm film collaboration created using natural elements, food products, paint, and toner by Gretchen Korsmo, Ben Kujawski, Justin Rhody, Abigail Smith & Andrew Weathers. Premiered alongside a live improvised score by all five collaborators at No Name Cinema in Santa Fe NM on Saturday, January 14th 2023.


2023 / 11 mins / color / sound / 16mm to 2K

Potemkin Piece


A collaborative deconstruction/destruction of a Battleship Potemkin 35mm trailer created with nearly 80 collaborators through the mail during lockdown. Each person was sent half-second long strips of the film to manipulate in any way they wanted. Once returned, the film strips were spliced together in a new sequence creating a chance-driven score from the optical soundtrack. A messy experiment in montage and cut up techniques made by a diverse cast of artists, friends and loved ones.


2022 / 1 min 35 sec / color / optical sound / 35mm to 4K


5" record & Blu-ray available HERE

Black Palms


A moving image of a still image, created by photocopying directly onto transparent 35mm film using the copy machine at work after-hours.


2022 / 1 min 24 secs / b&w / sound / 35mm to 4K


7" record of the score available HERE

El Rito


Loss begets loss in the confusing dream of Lot 55, El Rito Estates. The last familiar man paces the parking lot, flush red and middle grey through a cypher of non-negotiation. And the twenty acres are taken. And the money's gone missing. And the house always wins.


2021 / 8 mins / B&W / Sound / MiniDV


7" record + DVD available HERE



2021 / 6 mins / Color / Silent / Regular 8mm


(dedicated to the dogs of midtown)

The Ends of The Earth,

Carved Out and Hanging Down


2019-2021 / 17 mins / B&W / Silent / MiniDV


Southern Florida grief blinks its soft organ in the space between shots. Trespassing as a hobby & trapped beneath the palms of industry - you're in high school again. Unwilling to work and unable to think, until eventually the land shakes and recedes further toward the center of its beginnings. (for Erica)

Media Mail I


Long-distance collaboration with Josh Vidal

2020 / 4 mins / Color / Silent / Super-8mm to 2K

Media Mail II

Long-distance collaboration with Josh Vidal

2021 / 4 mins / Color / Silent / 8mm to 2K

Move Outs

A drifting malaise searches the domestic American interior for signs of life.

Composed from found footage discovered on a VHS tape in a Midwestern alleyway.

2020 / 18 mins / Color / Sound / VHS

Closed Off Opening

An aurae psycho-portrait of a bush in bloom,

time spent alongside it & a newfound comfort in isolation.

2020 / 15 min 30 sec / Color / Silent / MiniDV


Collaboration with David Graves and Jorge Bachmann

2020 / 5 mins/ Color / Sound / MiniDV

Vernacular Visions

Selections from the Vernacular Visions archive of found photo slides

2020 / 18 mins / Color / Sound / 35mm to Digital

easy to learn hard to forget

A non-narrative video diary from Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.

2016-2020 / 15 mins/ Color / Sound / Digital


Collaboration with David Graves and Bryan Day

2020 / 3 mins / Color / Sound/ MiniDV

cicatrix dreaming

Collaboration with David Graves and Jay Kreimer

2016 / 5 mins / Color / Sound / 35mm to Digital

Hepatitis (B) Youth

Filmed by Jeremy Hogan

Edited by Justin Rhody

2005 / 27 mins / Color / Sound / Digital

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