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A Horse With A Name

68 page paperback book (perfect bound). matte coated cover stock, text stock.

7″ x 4.375″, published by Rebel Hands Press in an edition of 50 copies. $12 postage paid.



"How do we name the things we must surmount? Or, more difficult, how do we coin sobriquet for what we've sent to conquer the land? What follows is a sport of language, one that has entertained conquistador, gambler, poet and common man since 4500 BC. Artist and poet Justin Clifford Rhody continues his aesthetic investigation of the American West with this installment of found-language, compiled from the littered racing programs collected during the artist's time spent amidst the bright, dusty bleachers of California's extant race horse tracks. Both plaintive and humorous, A Horse With A Name is more than just procession; it is an archive of language that is pinned down both historically and geographically. It tilts us towards the edge of our seats, curiously indexing the neuroses, desires, and even political yearnings of a certain west coast populous. Questions are raised: Why all of the name calling? What are the stakes? At once epic and odd, Scattered Dreams, American Progress, Roman Guitar - these are our champions. With sun-drenched wrists, we send them off."​

                                                                                                 -Rebecca Ramirez, Rebel Hands Press (2017)

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