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Married to America


Married to America is a monograph of work that was produced while on tour alongside Russian Tsarlag & Jeff Zagers in late 2016. Disassociated fragments and mundane details of reality are positioned through a curious gaze, revealing a life & landscape of mystery in the American Underground. Featuring an introductory text by Carlos Gonzalez and afterword by Sam Lefebvre.

Perfect bound, 55 pages 28 plates, 8.5” x 10” First edition: 200 copies.

Published by Hidden Eye Press. (ISBN: 978-0-692-87450-9) $16 postage paid.

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Selected as "Book of the Week" on the Photo-Eye blog by Christian Michael Filardo:

"Rhody is a special kind of subtle; he likes to switch from being a documentarian to being a mythmaker and does so rather seamlessly. He’s showing us the facts and asking us the questions. Pulling meaning from the esoteric, he juxtaposes the ludicrous and the gorgeous... What happens in this book is exciting, Rhody illustrates his path, he machetes through the forest that is the American road and shows us the beautiful and unusual fruit found deep within the crevices of this country. Married to America is a triumph because it reminds you that life is full of wonder. That 'it' is something attainable. He reminds us that this isn’t just a computer simulation, but rather a decadent world best explored regardless of the situation."

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